If you’ve ever shown a home in the winter, you know it comes with some challenges when compared to a summer showing. Whether it’s an open house or a scheduled visit, don’t forget these important steps to help make the best of a snowy situation.

Tip #1 for a Winter Home Showing: Arrive Early

You may be used to arriving prior to your clients in the summer to do a quick walk-around and check out the interior of the home your showing, but you’ll want to give yourself some extra time in the winter. You never know what you may encounter, especially if it’s recently snowed!

Tip #2 for a Winter Home Showing: Clear the Driveway

If the homeowners are snowbirds, elderly, or it’s recently snowed, the driveway may not have been cleared. Make sure there is a pathway along the driveway, up the pathway, and up any stairs there might be to the front door. If it is an open house and it’s still snowing, don’t forget to double check the path throughout the afternoon to make sure it’s still cleared and apply any salt or snow if it’s slippery.

If the homeowners don’t have one, bring a rubber boot tray to leave by the front door for wet shoes, so they don’t come home to a messy, wet entrance way.

Tip #3 for a Winter Home Showing: Let The Light In

Winter can be dark and dreary, and it can be hard for sunlight to find its way into our homes, even on brighter days. Open blinds, turn on lights, and pull back the curtains on every window in the house to let in as much light as possible.

Tip #4 for a Winter Home Showing: Set the Mood

For most people, winter isn’t their ideal time to be out house hunting, trudging through the snow and dealing with the cold weather. Setting the mood in the home before they arrive can help life their spirits – a lightly scented candle, winter-inspired treats like hot apple cider, and the heat set to a comfortable temperature can go a long way. 

Just because winter (especially in Ottawa) can make things more difficult when selling your listings, doesn’t mean that it can’t happen! Follow these tips to help make the most of your showings. Have your tips that we didn’t mention? Share them with us in the comments!

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