Born and raised in New Zealand, an early lesson that has always stuck with me was that a little extra effort went a long way.

From scrounging through the bushes at the local golf course for used balls, to refinishing old garage sale furniture, I’ve always prided myself with using a little elbow grease to get things done right. I continue to use these principles in my personal and professional life. Everybody deserves a little elbow grease. 

Part of my success can be attributed to the leadership skills and competitive nature I developed on the golf course and rugby pitch.

 With a father who played rugby and cricket at the highest levels in New Zealand, sport has always been a big part of my life. From being a member of the Kiwi’s National Junior Golf team, to playing competitive rugby here in Ottawa, I am on a new athletic quest – Ironman triathlons. My competitive nature helps me in the world of real estate where
“if you want to sell or buy, you had better be at the head of the pack or someone else will be”.

After meeting my beautiful (future) wife while working in Korea, I followed her back to Canada in 2003. It didn’t take me long to discover my passion for real estate and I began practicing in 2006. With the addition of a bouncing baby boy (and let me tell you he seemingly doesn’t stop bouncing) in the fall of 2013, and the launch of Irving Real Estate the future has never been brighter. 

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